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A Slight Change to Teacher Achieve3000 Logins

Achieve3000 Login Example
Just add a period and your building number to the end of your username. Your password is the same as before.

In an effort to work around the problem with some EVSC teacher Achieve3000 logins, the support team with Achieve3000 and our very own Michael Stauth (EVSC Student Data Systems Analyst) have come up with the following change to ALL EVSC teacher Achieve3000 logins:

If a teacher login was michael.stauth, it is now michael.stauth.04.  The period and number added to the end of the username represents the building their class is located.  Click to find your building number.

If a teacher teaches at multiple schools then they have multiple usernames:

  • michael.stauth.04 — all courses taught at Bosse,
  • michael.stauth.06 — all courses taught at Harrison,
  • michael.stauth.08 — all courses taught at Reitz

The teacher’s password is still the same as it always has been.

If you have a question about this change, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

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