Adobe announced today an exciting new program for educators the world over who use Adobe tools in their classrooms called the Adobe Campus Leader Program.

Here’s a brief description of what the Adobe Campus Leader Program is all about.

Adobe Campus Leaders are educators who foster creativity on their campuses with Adobe solutions. They bring fresh ideas and new ways of teaching to the creative process and creative expression to their students and colleagues and have proven to be active and influential leaders.

The best reason to have an Adobe Campus Leader at every educational institution is to have an open line of communication with Adobe Education on what programs and resources are available for the institution and their students. The Campus Leader will be aware of special opportunities and initiatives and will also offer feedback to Adobe. All of this will help Adobe continue to evolve our products and services in line with the needs of educational institutions and students.

It would be awesome to have every EVSC Adobe Educator apply!

Click the following links for more information about the Adobe Campus Leader program detailsexpectations of ACLs, the application process, and answers to other frequently asked questions.

Also, if you have other questions not answered on those pages, feel free to email me.

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