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End of the School Year Teacher Technology Procedures

It’s the end of the 2015-16 school year and teachers are beginning the process of storing away items for the summer break.  Classroom bulletin boards are being covered or taken down, textbooks and student laptops collected, and contents from student lockers are either being packed up for the journey home, traded or given away by their owners in the hallway marketplace, recycled or disposed in the trash.

But what should teachers do with all the teaching technology in their classroom?

The Office of Technology has created the following to guide teachers in the proper storage and use of technology over the summer break.

Wireless IP phones 

Teachers should hang on to their phones if they will be returning to the same school.  If a teacher is transferring to another building, please have them turned the phone and accessories into office.  No phones should leave the building.


Teachers in grades 5th – 12th may keep their ThinkPads for the summer.  If a teacher is transferring to a different building, they should email [email protected] so we can make the changes to inventory.

Classroom Desktops

  • All teacher desktop computers must stay in the current building they are in now.
  • Transferring teachers should NOT take their computers with them.
  • Teachers are responsible for any data on the computer. (see backup tips below)
  • Please use the Technology Inventory Form to assist with any moves and upgrades occurring this summer.

How to Store Computer in Classroom

  • Unplug computer tower and monitor from wall electricity outlet.
  • Keep all equipment necessary for the operation of the computer together including mouse, keyboard, monitor, tower (Window’s PC) and cables.
  • If you wish to cover your equipment, use a bedsheet or other cloth covering.
    Please do NOT use plastic trash bags to cover computer screens or computer towers as classrooms can become very warm during the summer months.
  • Transferring teachers should not take their computers with them.
  • Teachers are responsible for any data on the computer.  If a teacher needs to backup their data, they need to transfer the data to an external storage drive or upload them to Google Drive (unlimited space!). Here’s two ways you can use Google Drive to do this.

Promethean Board Tools

All teachers should place their ActivClassroom items in the original box or a gallon size zip lock bag with the classroom number indicated on the box/bag.  These items should be turned into the school office.

  • 2 teacher promethean pens (dark gray)
  • 2 student promethean pens (light gray)
  • 1 projector remote
  • 1 document camera remote
  • 1 teacher pendant mic
  • 1 student handheld mic

Schools are financially responsible for replacing “lost” or missing items of the ActivClassroom technology.

Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions or comments about this post, please leave a comment below and we’ll get you an answer.

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