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Google Chrome update coming in September may cause problem using websites

Google Chrome (the browser) will be receiving an update in September (2015) that will disable the NPAPI extension which supports plugins like Adobe Flash Player, Java, and Microsoft Silverlight.  This could cause some problems for EVSC staff who use websites such as RDS Gradebook, DecisionEd, etc… which use these plugins to render content to your computer screen.

As of right now, the plugin authors haven’t announced any news on changing their plugins to work with the new Chrome, so EVSC staff need to have a “Plan B” browser ready and waiting if Chrome is your go-to browser of choice.

What browser do you recommend?

Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox Web Browser (Win/OSX)

There’s two other browsers you can choose from depending on the computer you’re using:  Mozilla Firefox (Apple & Windows), Safari (Apple), or Internet Explorer (Windows).

If I had to pick one, I would go with Firefox. Firefox is installed on all EVSC Windows and Apple computers.  It’s always up to date on the latest website standards so you can be confident that the website you’re going to will look and function the way it’s supposed to.

If you can’t find Firefox on your computer, you can download and install it from Mozilla’s website.

Are there any plugins I need to download or update?

Your computer has been idle all summer so this is probably the first time it’s been surfed on the web in a couple months so doing some updates on browser plugins is a good idea.  Below you’ll find links to the latest versions of the most popular browser plugins.

First, make sure you have Firefox open when viewing this page to visit the following links. Install each one separately allowing time for an installation to finish before starting the next install.

Plugin Download Links

  • Java – used in media players, online games, image galleries, and interactive tools in websites.
  • Adobe Flash Player – used with RDS Gradebook… a good update to get before you start entering grades.
  • Microsoft Silverlight – used with some media players.

Questions / Comments?

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