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Promethean Planet is Merging with ClassFlow

An announcement from Promethean:   Promethean Planet will become a part of ClassFlow, software that offers you an expanded galaxy of resources and the ability to deliver collaborative lessons, all in one space. The Planet site will be going away on September 16; however, you will continue to find resources and a community on ClassFlow.

Your Resources

Planet users will be able to find their favorite flipcharts, resource packs, and other teaching resources on ClassFlow after the 16th of September. You will be able to download and use your ActivInspire resources just as you always have. However, you also will have the added benefit of delivering lessons and assessments, using the ClassFlow platform.

ClassFlow Marketplace

You will be able to explore thousands of interactive resources in the ClassFlow marketplace. The ClassFlow Marketplace is an open community where you may buy and sell or share for free original teaching resources such as digital lessons, unit plans, assessments, teaching guides, worksheets and more. Teachers can offer digital content in a variety of file formats, including Promethean ActivInspire™ flipcharts, ClassFlow lessons, ClassFlow assessments, PowerPoint® presentations, Microsoft® Word documents and Adobe® PDF files.

ClassFlow Community

Connect with peers and experts from around the globe in the ClassFlow Community.  Exchange, share, and learn about resources, curriculum, assessments, and more.  The Community is a great way to stay up to date with the latest topics in education and technology.

More about ClassFlow

ClassFlow is a free collaborative teaching and learning software that can help you deliver dynamic lessons. ClassFlow integrates free and premium curriculum content with an energizing and engaging lesson delivery application that works with most individual devices. ClassFlow enables you to share activities, assessments, and lesson content with your students in real-time on their devices, as well as extend the learning environment beyond the classroom and into the home or wherever the student connects to the ClassFlow cloud.

To create a free ClassFlow account, click here.

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