There have been some updates to the RDS Teacher Module Gradebook in the last week.  See below for a list of new features and a bug fix that people have been asking about.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed – Parent Access and Student Search email features did not work if email address fields had two addresses separated by a comma.

New Features

  • In the Gradebook, added the ability to set an assignment category as Inactive.  Yay!
    New “Active” checkbox in the Assignment Category Window

    Categories set as Inactive will not be presented as an option when creating new assignments, but will still appear in existing assignments and course setup with an “(inactive)” indicator. This will help so many of you that inherit courses from other teachers and can’t get rid of the categories they used if you didn’t want to use them.

    Now what you couldn’t delete, now you can deactivate!  


  • When a course is transferred from one teacher to another, any assignments or course setup attached to the old teacher’s assignment categories will display the old teacher’s name in parentheses next to the category name. Once the teacher changes the calculation to his/her own categories, the next time they edit the Course Setup, the old teacher’s name, in parentheses next to the categories, will be gone.

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