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What’s going on with Google Apps asking for a phone number?

Google Account Verification Screen
Many EVSCK12.COM accounts are getting this screen when they first try to login to Google.

If you and your students have tried logging into Google Apps recently and a verification screen comes up asking for a phone number like you see pictured to the right, well you’re not the only one.  The Office of Technology is aware of the issue and has contacted Google to get this feature turned off.

Do NOT tell students to enter their cell phone number on this page.

This is a privacy issue and students shouldn’t be obligated to enter their cell phone number to access their Google account.  Jot down on a piece of paper a list of student names who have had the issue.  If IT needs the list, we’ll let you know and who to send the list to.  Hopefully, the solution is as easy as flipping a switch on a setting somewhere and IT won’t need the list.  Right now we’re waiting on Google to find the switch!

Teachers can decide whether or not to use their cell phone number to get beyond this screen.  Just make sure to click the select box beneath the “Enter a phone number” to change the country from Afghanistan to the United States.

If IT finds out any new information or updated status on this issue, we will post it here on the ICATS website.

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