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Digital Citizenship Resources


Digital Citizenship Resources

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Grades 9-12 Digital Citizenship Resources

Be SUPER 9-12The resources below have been identified for use with students in 9-12 for teaching digital citizenship concepts. Not all resources are appropriate for all audiences. You know your students best.


General Resources

Be Safe Resources

Be Understanding Resources

Be Polite Resources

Be E-Healthy Resources

Be Responsible Resources

Teacher Learning Resources

Be SUPER featured imageThe resources below will introduce you to the concepts related to each of our 5 Core Values. While they are not the only resources worth looking at, taken together, these resources should give any educator a solid foundation on which to build their understanding of Digital Citizenship.

Be Safe

Be SafeThis value is based on our commitment to make choices that keep ourselves and our identities safe online. Some key concepts include not sharing personal information online, keeping our intellectual property safeguarded, using effective passwords, and maintaining appropriate privacy settings.

Be Understanding

Be UnderstandingThis value is based on our commitment to understand how technology works and how it affects our experiences. Some key concepts include understanding the nature of the Internet and its resources, restrictions on the use of digital materials, how to vet online resources for reliability, the limitations and potential of technology, how to troubleshoot common technology issues, and how a person’s search history affects their online experience.

Be Polite

Be PoliteThis value is based on our commitment to create and maintain a positive digital identity that contributes to a better virtual world for all digital citizens. Some key concepts include preventing and appropriately responding to cyberbullying, using digital etiquette in all online communications, using digital tools like emoticons to help avoid digital misunderstandings, avoiding over-sharing, and self-monitoring all online communications for positive and decent content, tone, and purpose.

Be E-Healthy

Be E-HealthyThis value is based on our commitment to live healthy lives and maintain a healthy relationship with the digital tools at our command. Some key concepts include avoiding digital distractions, maintaining a balance between the digital and analog worlds, using screen time in ways that improve one’s character and life, and learning healthy digital work habits that prevent digital addiction and wasted time.  

Be Responsible

Be ResponsibleThis value is based on our commitment to make responsible choices in terms of how we use technology, how we take care of the technology we have access to, and how we respect others and their digital property. Some key concepts include honoring copyright and intellectual property, maintaining and treating technology with care, taking responsibility for digital mistakes, using digital tools for the purposes for which they were provided, not using anonymity as an excuse to misbehave, and behaving ethically and honorably in the digital world.

Free Digital Citizenship Posters

Feel free to download and use the images below in your classroom or school.


More Great Posters

Thanks to the amazing Shannon Long at Technology Rocks. Seriously. You can also download and print some great THINK Before You Post Posters.

You can also download several great Digital Citizenship classroom posters from the folks at Common Sense Media. They have posters for all age groups, and you can download them in Spanish as well.

Here’s a great infographic from Know the Net titled “Manners Matter” that shares some useful Dos and Don’ts for online behavior. You can scroll to the bottom to get an embed code for your website or blog.

Mrs. K who blogs at http://www.mrskarpiuk.com/ made some awesome Star Wars-themed Digital Citizenship posters that she shares for free as well. Great Stuff! Scroll to the end of the post to download a Zip file.

The Global Digital Citizen Foundation offers free posters that help students understand the essentials of 21st Century fluencies. You can access them below:

Lenovo offers the free infographic below to help inform students about the top threats to laptops in their day to day lives and how to better care for their equipment:

The EVSC has purchased A Digital Image Curriculum for 7-12 grade students that was co-designed by ESSDACK and GoEnnounce. You can learn more about this curriculum at the following link:


EVSC teachers DO NOT need to purchase this curriculum, but in order to get the access information for the curriculum, you will need to be logged in to this site with your EVSC credentials.

[O_U logged_status=”in”]To access the ESSDACK/GoEnnounce Digital Image Curriculum, you will need to do the following: 1. Click this link, 2. Click the Access Curriculum Materials Button, 3. Enter the Login Code: Imagematters#15[/O_U]