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Book Study: Teaching the iGeneration

Teaching the IGeneration

by William M. Ferriter & Adam Garry

As I discover more about this subject, it is a matter of what the iGeneration is teaching us, and how we can best serve them, rather than when will it be the time for the “Age of the Internet”.  The new normal is here, and we aren’t going back any time soon.   My almost  two year old can navigate the ipad and iphone well enough to find what he wants to watch, play, or listen to, and he doesn’t know any differently.

“Blogs—Since the early 1990s, writers have been creating content instant and easy for everyone, blogs have become one of the first tools that many digital teachers embrace.”  This new writing style is so common now that almost every adult, student, and even dogs have them.

‎”They have never known a life without the Internet, let alone computers, and many don’t know a world without mobile phones.” Sarah Cornish, Total Girl Magazine…quote that opens the book “Teaching the iGeneration”.

This pretty much sums it up. And as more teachers enter the workforce out of college, they will be among the same mind-frame.  It is those of us that grew up with land lines, record or cd players, and actual  newspapers on every corner that are working harder to keep up.

“The most important role of a technology instructor is to prepare his or her students with the skills and knowledge needed to operate technology tools for learning objectives. Core subject teachers can freely incorporate technology into their lessons without the fear of spending time instructing their students on how to operate specific technology tools. Technology instructors need to prepare students with these skills so that other teachers can differentiate instruction, foster project-based learning, and encourage constructivist pedagogy through technology. Additionally, the use of technology helps students to be active learners, allowing them to evaluate and analyze information, as well as create their own ideas.” – This quote from a technology teacher in an international school in Korea states it so well.  The technology teachers have a roll to play, much like early childhood and developmental teachers do, to train the skills that we use for technology, and to give a solid foundation for the rest of the subjects to use those skills.  If a separate technology teacher is not available, it is up to core subject teachers to reach those needs in addition to core subjects.

David Lee EdTech – Technology Instruction

As far as the lessons included in the book, they were difficult to apply to my students needs, but I understood the message of world cultures and internet safety to be most certainly the most important lessons when introducing internet search skills.

Some challenges I have is that my students need to learn to type as a core skill.  Especially with more computer based testing, and” i-device-dependence”, we must train them to have the skills needed to do their best.

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