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Classroom Management iOS Apps

Teachers may have access to a single iPad but may not have an iPad for each student in a classroom. Even with one device in the classroom, the iPad is a powerful tool that can change the way you teach and your students learn. One area a single iPad can be beneficial is in the classroom management arena. Here are some tips and apps that can be useful for teaching with one iPad.

Timer Apps

  • ios clock appiOS Clock app – The built-in Clock App adds some great features to the iPad. The Clock app contains a World Clock displaying time throughout the world, and Alarm with customizable alarm sounds and schedules, a stopwatch, and a visual timer with a clear countdown to zero. Timers can be a great way to help maintain lesson pacing, keep students on task, and set alarms for important tasks and events that take place in the classroom each day.

Behavior Apps

  • Class Dojo is a free app which allows the teacher to use the iPad to track behavior anywhere in your school. With ClassDojo and an iPad, a teacher can reward and track good behavior as well as negative behavior. Because the app is available on the iPad, a teacher can use the app to track behavior anywhere in the school. Students behavior in the media center, going down the hall, going out to recess, etc. can all be documented with this app. Parents and students can also create accounts and check-in in student behavior as well.
  • Random Name SelectorRandom Name Selector is a free and simple website which allows you to randomly select names of your students. After entering the names of your students (under the Change Names button), press Go! and it will cycle through the names and select one randomly for you. This is a great tool to keep students on their toes and engaged in your lesson. Click the Save and Share button to save your class as a link which you can use again and again. You can also set the site as a home screen icon to have quick and easy access to it. Note: This is not an app but a website. It cannot be found in the App Store but by clicking the link above and using Safari on the iPad.


  • 20140329-131923.jpgMobile Mouse Lite is a free app which allows you to use your iPad to control your computer. With this app, you can manipulate items on your computer using the screen of your iPad. Mobile Mouse Lite is an app that installs on your iPad but also requires a free download to your computer. The iPad and computer must pair up at first but after they are paired, the iPad screen will become a large mouse pad for your computer.

Click Here for a previous posting about how to setup Mobile Mouse Lite on your computer. Imagine the possibilities when you can walk away from your computer or interactive whiteboard and yet still control it from a distance. You can now be free to move about the classroom and interact with students.

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Jamie Singleton December 9, 2014 at 11:30 am

We don’t have iPads in our classrooms, but I could definitely see using my personal iPad as a timer for testing and break out activities. I will also have to check out the random name selector app – that could come in handy in my classroom, too. If I were still teaching at the elementary level, I could see the behavior apps being extremely useful.

Stacie Inman December 8, 2014 at 7:21 pm

I have used my personal iPad in the classroom for several years for different purposes. I’ve used it for students to work on fluency, write/tell stories, play games, handwriting practice, comprehension skills, etc. I’ve used Splashtop to make it more interactive and allow me to have more freedom in the classroom. I’ve also used it as a reward.

Latricia Barnes October 29, 2014 at 4:28 pm

The iPad is definitely a great tool to use in the classroom. I’m excited to download the apps and use them as classroom management trackers and as a way to access the promethean board. What a great way to be able to move about the room and monitor the students while I teach. :)

Connie Scharre October 23, 2014 at 2:16 pm

We use iPads in the classroom and both teachers and students have them. For teaching, the Dojo is great. It is simple to use for both the teacher and parent. On the parent end of it, I just have to accept the information the teacher sent me and I get a weekly assessment of how my daughter did this week. And if I need to contact the teacher, I simply need to fill out the message feature. Our teachers have also used the Random Name selector. It just want it say. It’s the preverbal names out of the hat. And you will not miss ripping up paper to put names in a hat too.


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