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Let’s Party! PBL Project

PBL-project-2I came across this great PBL project a few weeks ago and I just have to share it with you.  I am using it as our last end of year task, so it is reviewing a lot of previously learned skills.  Next year I plan to use this as an instructional project.  I teamed up with another math teacher to adjust some of the tasks to better fit our standards and to incorporate a few more that we thought would fit in well.

For this project, teams of students become a party planning business and put together a party proposal that is presented to the interested host.  Students are given a budget which they must use to plan the party. Students must budget for food, decorations, entertainment, the cost of consumables, and more.  There are great ideas included in this project for bringing in the community and introducing students to party planning and catering as a career option.  This project includes operations with fractions and decimals, finding percents of numbers, using proportions, graphing, and integrating technology into all these skills.

Check out this link if you would like to see the whole project! Contact me if you are interested in how we modified the lesson to meet our needs based on standards and the use of technology.

Let’s Party PBL Project

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