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New EVSC K-2 iPads

New EVSC K-2 iPads

K-2 Classrooms and teachers are receiving brand new iPad Air 2s for use this year. Teachers in these grades will have an iPad dedicated for their use and each school will have a grade level set of iPads to share among the K-2 classes.  There are a few differences between the student and teacher devices.

Staff Devices:

  • Should be brand new and not Assessment iPads from last school year – if you have a device from last year, it should be returned to your school tech immediately.
  • Automatically connect to EVSC-Staff
  • Will require you to set a passcode
  • Will automatically setup your email (you will need to enter your email password the first time)
  • Can use the EVSC App Portal that is available to students or the Apple Store (with an Apple ID)
  • Are setup for you only and should be erased before passing on to new staff members in the future. How to erase: Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings

Student Devices:

  • Automatically connects to EVSC-Student Wifi which filters content
  • Does not require a passcode
  • Can download apps via the EVSC App Portal icon
  • When accessing the App Portal, students should select ‘Allow’ if it asks to access your location.
  • Cannot add email, Facebook, Twitter, or Apple ID accounts to their device
  • Cannot access FaceTime, iMessage, Find my Friends, iTunes Store, Game Center, iBooks Store
  • Will be setup and ready for use – contact [email protected] for issues related to iPad setup
  • Should be returned to the cart and charged each afternoon
  • Will be asked to allow specific permissions for different apps. Apps that require the use of the Camera, Location, and Microphone will ask to ‘Allow’ that feature. Students should press ‘Allow’ If they tap ‘Don’t Allow’ go to Settings > Privacy to turn on the feature you need.
  • Will have the NWEA Map assessment app pre installed – contact [email protected] regarding devices that are missing the app

Educational apps can be added to the EVSC App Portal. Teachers should email [email protected] to have additional apps added to the portal.

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