The instructions below explain how to add the mCLASS testing program to your iPad. These instructions are for anyone who does not have the assessment program already on your iPad.

1.  To begin, open Safari on the iPad.

iPad select Safari


2. In Safari type: at the very top and tap Go. At this point you will be asked to enter your username and password.

mCLASS Asessment Login


3. Tap the Share button on the top left of Safari.

iPad Share Button


4. Select Add to Home Screen in the list of sharing options.

iPad Home Screen Share options


5. Press Add to add the site to your iPad. This will make the site appear as an app on your iPad.

iPad Add icon button


6. Once you’ve completed this, tap the mCLASS icon on your iPad to launch the program.


7. Login once more to mCLASS and after a short time, your assessment information should begin to show.

mCLASS Login


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