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Attendance Summary Reports in RDS Attendance

Teachers are now able to view an attendance summary report for total absences for each student in all class periods in the RDS Gradebook Attendance section.  This report is intended to replace the quarterly attendance report that was printed and sent in the past to elementary schools at the end of each grading period. That report was not accurate and was leaving off students that had zero absences.

In the past, the report gave whole number values to represent absences that were actually “half day” absences which many teachers found confusing. This new report now shows ALL students (perfect attendance students) and the absences values are shown as “full day” absences.  So in the Total column, 1 = 1 day absent and 1.5 = 1 1/2 day absent.

Here’s how to view the report.

How-to view Attendance Summary Report

1. From the Attendance section in RDS Gradebook, click on the corresponding Summary link for a course.

Perfect Attendance - Select Summary

2. From the Jump to: menu, select one of the “Semester #, GP View” options.

3. Make sure Full/Half Day is selected.

Perfect Attendance Steps 2-3

4. Look at the columns Total Absent and Total Tardy.  Each contains 2 columns for each grading period in the selected semester.  Determine perfect attendance for the semester based on the values present in these columns.

* PLEASE NOTE  – If you need to determine perfect attendance for an entire school year, be sure to view both reports for Semester 1, GP View and Semester 2, GP View using the Jump To: menu.

Perfect Attendance = 0

Perfect Attendance - Determine Perfect Attendance

What do the colors mean for the columns?

Perfect Attendance - Legend
The Legend is located at the bottom of the report.

Each type of absence is color coded in the table. Each absence type contains 2 columns of data – one for each grading period in the selected semester.

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Tina Blackwell January 4, 2017 at 8:45 pm

Is there not a way to create a report that ONLY shows attendance for the 2nd grading period??

EVSC ICATS January 6, 2017 at 8:46 am

Tina – Please look at the columns labeled GP2 listed for each attendance type in the table for 2nd grading period.


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