On this window you can add, modify, or delete individual assignments. Assignments are saved to one specific grading period in one course.

1). To add, modify or delete an assignment, go to View/Edit and select Assignment.

Create Assignment RDS 01 

NOTE: You can also get to the assignment edit window simply by double-clicking an assignment or the empty space to the right of an assignmnet in the gradebook outlined in red below.


Assignments Instructions


Create a New Assignment


 1). Category: Select a Category for the assignment from the drop down menu.

2). Description: Type a brief description for the assignment in the Short Description (20 characters) box.

The Long Description (at least 4000 characters – that’s where we stopped testing) box is available (OPTIONAL) to type more details.

3). Status: For Grade or Not For Grade

4). Grade Scale: Choose the Grading Scale from the drop down menu.

(Once you do this once, the grading scale will be set for each new assignment you create until you change it to a different scale.)

5). Points: Type the points for the assignment in the Normal Points box. If you want possible bonus points for the assignment, include those in the Extra Credit Points box.

  • For more information on Max Score, click HERE.

6). Date: Select the Dates when the assignment was assigned to the students and when it’s due to be turned in for grading.

7). Scores for this Assignment will be entered using: (Choose One) RAW Score, Percentage, or Letter Grade.

  • When finished, click Save/Done to save and exit this menu.


Modify or Delete an Assignment

2). To modify or delete an assignment, select an assignment from the drop down box where you see an assignment name or Add New Assignment….

Create Assignment RDS 02a

3). To Modify Assignment: make the necessary changes and then click the Save button.

(For a description of the parts of this menu, see the directions for Add New Assignment)

To Delete Assignment: click the Delete button.

Create Assignment RDS  03a

4). Click Save/Done to save the assignment and exit the menu.

To exit without saving, click the X in the top right corner of the window.

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