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Customize Your iPad Lock Screen to Keep Track of Devices

Identifying student iPads can be tricky especially when the lock screen may look the same or contain little to no information about where the iPad belongs. In this post are 36 lock screen images which can be used to help you keep track of your iPads.

Here are instructions to change your lock screen:

  1. To use these lock screen images tap and select the desired lock screen number below.
    Select Lock Screen Image
  2. Press and hold the image you want and a menu will appear. Select Save Image. This image will now go to your Camera Roll on the iPad.
    Select Save Image
  3. From the iPad home screen, go to Settings > Wallpaper and select the Camera Roll to find the image we just saved.
    Wallpaper Settings
  4. After you select the desired image from the Camera Roll, pinch and zoom to move and scale the image to fit correctly on the screen. After this is set, select Set Lock Screen (this is the image on the iPad before unlocking the iPad), Set Home Screen (this is the image you see after unlocking – where all of the apps sit), or Set Both if you want the same image in both places.
    Set to wallpaper

Basic EVSC Background Image (can be used for creating your own backgrounds)

EVSC iPad Lock Screen


Below are numbered lock screens from 1-35. Select desired image then press and hold that image to Save Image to Camera Roll.

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