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How to enable Flash Player in Google Chrome the easy way

Google Chrome and other popular web browsers have been making policy and software changes lately related to the use of external plugins such as Java and Adobe® Flash® Player in their programs.  Most of them have recently pushed out software updates eliminating plugins from their programs leaving some websites who rely on plugins to display broken.

Flash Player is a critical plugin required to input grades in the RDS Gradebook website.  Google Chrome still includes a version of their own Flash Player, but finding the settings to make sure that it is turned on for a website can be hard to find.  Without digging deep into Chrome’s Settings, here’s an easy 3-step (5 second) process to configure Google Chrome to run RDS Gradebook and other websites that require Flash Player.

Settings for making Google Chrome work with RDS Gradebook and other websites

The following directions are how to configure Chrome’s plugins and other behaviors on a site-by-site basis.

1). Go to the RDS Gradebook website or a website of your choosing.

2). Click on the “ Secure” button located in front of the URL for the website.

Google Chrome - SSL Secure Button

3). From this menu, make sure Flash and Popups are set to Allow. (click image below for more details).

POPUPS – We encourage enabling popups for RDS gradebook to view information in Student profiles and other reporting features.  It is NOT recommended to enable popups for all websites.

Chrome Quick Site Settings for RDS Gradebook Website
Make sure Flash and Popups are set to ALLOW. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

What if Flash Player doesn’t work on the website after doing this?

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