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Grades NOT calculating?

We get this question emailed to us all the time and there is an easy fix for it. If your grades aren’t calculating and you’re getting the dreaded “n/a” for all your students’ grades, here are a few things you can check to resolve the problem.

Quick List of Solutions – SCROLL TO VIEW

  1. Score Type (Letter Grade, RAW, Percentage)
  2. Drop Scores set at beginning of Grading Period.
  3. Grade Scale missing in Course Setup.
  4. Grading Scale missing in assignment.
  5. Category missing in assignment.
  6. Bonus Points Assignment (Only assignment recorded.)

Solution #1 of 6 – Score Type View Option

Do you have the correct view turned on when you entered the grades into your grade book?

Here’s an example: You have the view set on “View Letter Grades” and you entered RAW scores in the blanks. As you enter the scores, RDS will accept them, but will not be able to use the data as part of the students’ overall grade.

To fix: Print out a report of the grades entered so far [Grade Book Printable Version] (Your grades will disappear in the next step). Change the View setting to match the input for the assignment (Raw for Raw, Letter for Letter, Percent for Percent). Re-enter the scores.

How to fix the view settings when inputting grades
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NOTE: To prevent this from happening again in the future, you can turn on error checking in RDS that will alert you before you start down the road on this problem. Go to View/Edit -> Validate Grades on Entry.

Solution #2 of 6 – Have you set a value for dropped assignments before the grading period even started?

Check your Course Setup to make sure you didn’t setup Drop Assignments yet.

Always wait until the end of a grading period before dropping assignments. Otherwise, grades you put in will not calculate as they will be dropped.

Drop Scores Can Cause Problems
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Solution #3 of 6 – Grade Scales in Course Setup

Check that you have a grading scale applied in the Course Setup in BOTH the “Grading Period Total” and the “Semester Total” sections.

Grade Period Total

Course Setup - Grading Period Total Grade Scale
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Semester Total

Course Setup - Semester Total Grading Scale
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Solution #4 of 6 – Assignment Grading Scale

Check the assignment(s) you create to make sure that you have applied a grading scale (if you expect it to count for their grade).

Teacher Module Assignments Box

Solution #5 of 6 – Assignment Category

Check that there is a Category selected for each assignment.

Assignment Missing Category Selection

Solution #6 of 6 – Bonus Points Assignment

RDS grades not calculating due to bonus points.Adding an assignment that is only for giving bonus points and is your only assignment with 0 Normal Points Possible and (insert a number here) Extra Credit Points possible will not render a percentage until there is an assignment added to the gradebook that has a value other than 0 for Normal Points Possible.

The reason for this is the gradebook can’t calculate a percentage value until it has a normal points possible value entered for the grading period other than 0.

Quick Math Lesson

Let’s say you’re a student and you earned 5 bonus points for turning in a form on time. If there’s not any points possible for this task, to find the percent you would have to take 5 divided by 0.  If you remember your middle school math you remember that you can’t divide any number by zero.  The answer for this problem is ∅ (empty set) which is why the gradebook returns n/a and no percentage in the column next to their name.

Once the teacher adds an assignment to the gradebook that has normal points possible, the gradebook will then be able to calculate and display a percent value and letter grade.

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