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Guide for Creating an Interactive Lesson in CPS

Here is a guide to creating an interactive lesson using eInstruction’s CPS software. The great thing about this software is you don’t have to retype your questions that you have already made in another presentation software. Just type in the answers and have the software run on top of your presentation software. There are other ways you can engage your students using this software, but you’ll have to read this guide to find out!

Creating-an-Interactive-Lesson-in-CPS_Page_1 Creating-an-Interactive-Lesson-in-CPS_Page_2 Creating-an-Interactive-Lesson-in-CPS_Page_3 Creating-an-Interactive-Lesson-in-CPS_Page_4 Creating-an-Interactive-Lesson-in-CPS_Page_5 Creating-an-Interactive-Lesson-in-CPS_Page_6

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