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Organize Shared Google Docs: Tips and Tricks

Understanding how to organize your Google documents can be tricky at first!  Knowing where to look for them and how to manage them is an important skill in making the switch to collaborative documents.  Here are a few things you need to know about how google docs are shared and a couple of tips to keep you organized.

Google sharing “need to knows”

  1. The person who created the doc is the owner
  2. There are 2 ways to share a document. (through share settings on the doc and share settings on a folder)
  3. Documents can only exist in one folder at a time
  4. Documents created in a shared folder inherit the share settings of the folder
  5. When you move a document to a new folder it loses the old folder’s share settings and inherits the settings from the new folder (but retains the share settings from directly on the document)

Tips to follow when organizing shared documents in Google Drive

  1. If you do not own the document, don’t move or delete it! – While it is possible to move the file, understanding that you shouldn’t is important to making sure that all who should have access to it still do.
  2. If you own the document and you decide to move it, be aware of the share settings on the document and the folder. – The document will keep the share settings directly on the doc, but additionally will end up inheriting the share settings from the new folder and that people shared on the old folder will no longer have access.
  3. If you want to share a document with a specific group, consider creating a shared folder first. – Creating a shared folder first allows you to create the document from within the folder and therefore the share settings on the document are shared with those in the folder.   This way I don’t need to move the document at all.
  4. Heed the warnings! – Google is pretty good about giving you a pop-up warning if you are about to move a document that changes the share settings.  If you see one that looks similar to the one below, think twice about moving it and the consequences of moving it.2013-11-18_11-32-37

Google docs is a great option for administrators, teachers, and students alike.   I have been using it religiously now for 3 years and I’m a huge fan!  However, it is wise to be cautious moving and organizing documents at first until you are comfortable with the system.  It doesn’t take long to understand and when you do, you’ll love the capabilities that Google docs can offer!


If you have any questions about organizing your docs, please contact us @ [email protected]


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