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Password Protect Your iTunes Library

Sharing your iTunes library is a great feature to allow your other devices (like another computer, Apple TV, or iOS device) to access your iTunes library. While this feature works well in a home, in a school or a business your iTunes library may be accessible to everyone.

Other user’s iTunes libraries may appear in your list of shared iTunes libraries (see the image below). Notice there is a padlock by certain libraries. The padlock indicates that library has been password protected and is not accessible by other users. If a library is not password protected, that library can be accessed by anyone to listen to your music or other media on your computer. Here are the steps to protect your shared iTunes library with a password so that others cannot gain access to your library.

iTunes Libraries Shared Screenshot


  • Open iTunes on your Mac or Windows computer. Click on iTunes in the top left on a Mac or Edit in the top left in Windows and select Preferences.

iTunes Prefs


  • Select the Sharing tab inside the Preferences box

iTunes Sharing tab


  • Once in the Sharing tab, you have a few options. If you want to disable the sharing feature, uncheck “Share my library on my local network.”  If you would like to begin sharing your library or continue sharing your library, check “Require password” and enter a password. Press OK to confirm and close the window. Now a password will be required to access your iTunes library in the future. A padlock will show in front of your shared library (see image above) and no one can access it without your password.

iTunes Sharing Password



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