In case you’re having trouble finding the grade card comment codes in the RDS gradebook, here’s the list!  Your first instinct may be to look under the Tools menu, but it’s actually under the View/Edit menu.

Anyway, here’s the list just in case you want to print it out to have handy at your desk!

Grade Card Comment Codes

1 – Is outstanding student
2 – Is creative and original
3 – Shows leadership ability
4 – Is consistently well prepared
5 – Is very cooperative
6 – Shows improvement in work

G – Is achieving below apparent ability
H – Does not participate
I – Has low test scores
J – Has low daily scores
K – Fails to turn in daily work/homework
L – Does not come to class prepared
M – Fails to make up work
O – Has poor study/work habits
P – Is indifferent and inattentive
T – Has excessive absences/tardiness
U – Has unsatisfactory behavior
W – Does not follow instructions
X – Talks excessively
Z – Fails to bring supplies/materials

Remember, you can submit grades for each class as many times as needed.  What you submit last is what will appear on the report card.

Where do I input the Comment Codes?

Please check out the following posts on submitting grades for grade card.



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