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How-to: Students Share a Google Drive Folder with Teacher

Sharing between teachers and students is now easier with Google Classroom.  Check it out!

Updated February 15, 2014Published August 29, 2013

We had a request for directions on how students can share a Google Drive folder with their teacher.  We also have included instructions on how to organize folders and files in Google Drive and how users can get started creating a document from within the shared folder.

  • How to create a folder in Google Drive.
  • How to share the folder with teacher in Google Drive.
    • Editing rights are needed to allow teacher commenting and collaboration on documents.

  • How to create Google Drive class content folders and share them with students.
  • Links to resources related to content that can be shared in Google Drive folders.
  • How to bring in a student classwork shared folder into the teacher’s Google Drive.

  • How student and teacher can create Google Docs and share them from a shared folder.


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