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Using an iPad to Control your Computer with Mobile Mouse Remote App

Wouldn’t it be nice to access your computer and Promethean Board from anywhere in the classroom? With an app like Mobile Mouse Remote, you can use you an iPad or smartphone to control your computer wirelessly. With the free Mobile Mouse Remote app, your iPad becomes a large mouse pad which allows you to interact with your computer anywhere in the room.

Here are some steps to get started:

  • Download the app from the iTunes Store here
  • Download and install the server software on your Mac or Windows computer which will allow your iPad to connect. Here are some great setup instructions at this site: http://mobilemouse.com/support.html
  • To fully set up the connection between your iPad or smartphone, you will need the IP address for your computer. After you have completed the server software installed on your computer, click the Mobile Mouse icon to display the IP address of your computer.

Your IP address will be displayed:

  • Launch the Mobile Mouse app. At launch, you will be prompted to get the Pro Version but press later to dismiss the message. (You may have to have hold the iPad in portrait mode). For the most part, the Lite version will be sufficient but you may desire to purchase the additional features.


  • On the iPad app, click the gear and enter the IP address from your computer, press Done and your iPad should now be connected to your computer.


  • Once your iPad is connected you should be able to touch the mouse pad area to move the mouse and use the buttons at the bottom for left and right clicking. There are also a lot of other setup options in the app which may be worth exploring. Click on the gear to explore options that may be useful to you.

Other App Considerations:
There are a number of similar options out there which may also be worth giving a try. They mostly all work the same way with a program that runs on your computer and connects to an app on your iPad or smartphone.

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