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End of School Year Classroom Technology Storage and Use

Episode #6 – End of the School Year Classroom Technology Storage and Use (May 16, 2017)

RUNTIME: 11 minutes, 19 seconds

It’s time to start packing up the classroom for the summer and your classroom technology needs some TLC before you walk out the door!  On this episode, Jerrad Gleim will share tips on how to backup up your data and how to properly store classroom technology during the summer months.


  1. How to easily backup data on a teacher computer.
  2. Are you leaving EVSC and have shared Google Drive files? If the answer is yes, be sure to watch so you can take the proper steps to help your colleagues keep shared curriculum files once your user account is deleted.
  3. IP Telephone Storage
  4. Teacher ThinkPads
  5. Teacher Desktop Computers
  6. Promethean ActivClassroom Accessories



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Title: Far Away (Sting)
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