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How to make your Gmail Theme go from meh to AWESOME! in 2-minutes flat

Gmail Labs Recommendations

  • Authentication icon for verified senders – If you have ever questione d
  • Canned Responses – If you have ever created an email signature that includes a response that you use often to save time, then you want to install Canned Responses.
  • Google Calendar Gadget – If you want to see your Google Calendar at a glance.
  • Mark as Read Button – If you want to save time selecting emails and then marking them as Read, then install this.  (Sorry – there’s not a button for marking Unread.)
  • Pictures in Chat – If you want to see a person’s profile pic before you chat with them.
  • Preview Pane – See video above!!!
  • Right-side Chat – Chat is turned on so you might as well move it to the right side so you have more room to operate in your left sidebar.
  • Unread Message Icon – Show’s how many unread emails you have in your Gmail in the Gmail tab of your browser.  If that overwhelms you, don’t turn it on.

There are other labs available that you can turn on that I didn’t list.  Feel free to check them out and see if they can bring joy to your Gmail experience!

If you have a question about Gmail themes or would like to suggest another video tutorial or guide, please leave a comment below.

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