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Introduction to Gmail (VIDEO)

“Introduction to Gmail” includes videos found on the G Suite Training website and from segments created by the EVSC ICATS.  We combined these videos to allow staff to watch all the important topics related to Gmail in one continuous showing to save time.

For a list of topics found in the video, please see below.

Link to Video: Introduction to Gmail (video)

Introduction to Gmail

Included Topics

  • How to login
  • Tour of Gmail Interface
  • How to compose a new email
  • Using the CC and BCC boxes
  • Change formatting of text
  • Insert attachments
  • Share Drive files as links and attachments
  • Enable and using Undo Send
  • Access and discarding draft emails
  • Read and Reply to email
  • Forward email
  • View and save attachments
  • Print Email
  • Mark email as read and unread
  • Mark email as important
  • Archive email
  • Delete and recovering deleted email
  • Report spam
  • Intro to labels
  • Create a new label
  • Change color of a label
  • How to label an email
  • Star an email
  • Create a filter
  • Edit a filter
  • Delete a filter
  • Search by keyword
  • Using advanced search
  • Intro to settings
  • Google Profile Photo
  • Enable conversation view
  • Create an email signature
  • Out of Office Response

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