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Introduction to Google Calendar (VIDEO)

“Introduction to Google Calendar” includes videos found on the G Suite Training website and from segments created by the EVSC ICATS. We combined these videos to allow staff to watch all the important topics related to Google Calendar in one continuous showing to save time.

For a list of topics found in the video, please see bottom of post.

Link to Video: Intro to Google Calendar (video)

Introduction to Google Calendar

Included Topics

  • How to login to Google Calendar
  • Tour of the Google Calendar interface
  • How to schedule events
  • Add attachments to an event
  • Set up a repeating event
  • Schedule an all day event
  • Delete or remove an event
  • Accept or reject an invitation to an event
  • Search for an event
  • Create tasks and reminders
  • Share your calendar
  • Create additional calendars
  • Add interesting calendars

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