If you like to organize the emails from your Sent folder and put them into folders in your Inbox to track projects for work, this video will guide you on how to do this in Gmail.

I have had a few requests for help with the fact that Gmail does not allow you to move sent messages from your sent folder into another folder/label. Gmail’s sent label is more like a search result than it is an actual folder. So, to get around this you will need to create a filter […]

Source: Video: Gmail Sent Mail Folder Workaround – FIT Information Technology


  1. I can tell this is going to be a challenge. There are many Gmail features that are not conducive to our usage and it makes it difficult to keep and file. An example- when responding to an email, you cannot delete the response from the sent file without erasing the original. Maybe you don’t want all the correspondence included (paper trail) just the original. That is not an option. As soon as you delete the sent mail, the original also deletes.

    • Hi Jo. If you need to delete one email from a conversation of emails, click on the More menu which is the little triangle option next to the Reply button and choose “Delete this message” and it will delete just that message and not any of the other messages in a conversation. Check out this photo to see what I’m talking about. http://www.screencast.com/t/n0QnD0NeV

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