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G Suite Training - Google Chrome Extension

Add the “G Suite Training” Extension for Interactive Learning of Google Suite Apps

G Suite Training is a Google Chrome extension that offers simple and interactive training lessons to get you up and running fast with G...
Google Chrome

Google Chrome update coming in September may cause problem using websites

Google Chrome (the browser) will be receiving an update in September (2015) that will disable the NPAPI extension which supports plugins like Adobe Flash Player,...

New Tab Redirect – A Chrome Extension

To Begin Are you a Chrome user that typically has several tabs open by the end of a school day?  If you are, then you...

Day 10 #30DC14: Differentiate Lessons With Power My Learning

Have you heard these questions and cringed on the last two?: What do we expect our students to learn? How will we know they are learning? How...

How-to Clear Browser Cache

Your internet browser stores information from webpages you visit on your computer, so they can load quickly when you return to view them. Sometimes...