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Jerrad Gleim has been a teacher in the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation since 1999 and first served teaching math and Pre-Algebra in a middle school. Since 2008, he has worked as a member of the EVSC Innovation, Curriculum, and Technology Specialists (ICATS) team where he is the webmaster of the ICATS, Connect, and Student websites. He also works with teachers to integrate programs such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Apps, YouTube, and Apple iPads.

Export MP4 Video for YouTube & Vimeo | Adobe Premiere Pro

Here are quick directions on exporting a video in Adobe Premiere Pro to a compatible format (H.264/MP4) for playing on computers, tablets, smartphones and...
Adobe Premiere Pro

Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro

Getting started Open Adobe Premiere Pro Click New Project - Select DV (standard definition) or HDV (high definition) for the type of video...

Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcut Handouts

Using keyboard shortcuts is a fundamental skill students need to learn as part of developing workflows in various computer programs and increase productivity which...
RDS cannot load gradebook image

UPDATED: How to resolve the “Can not load Gradebook” error in RDS Gradebook

How to resolve the "Can not load Gradebook" error in RDS Gradebook This error displays when your web browser either needs Flash Player re-enabled in the...
How to enable Flash Player in Google Chrome the easy way - FEATURED IMAGE

How to enable Flash Player in Google Chrome the easy way

Google Chrome and other popular web browsers have been making policy and software changes lately related to the use of external plugins such as Java and Adobe®...

Adobe Spark | FULL SHOW | Lunch and Learn

Episode #2 - Adobe Spark (April 13, 2017) On this episode, Jerrad Gleim, Dee Higgs, and Sarah Stephens discuss the following: 1). Adobe Spark - Learn...

5 Tips for Using Gmail Labels (13 min) – Lunch and Learn

Episode #1 - Gmail Labels (April 4, 2017) On this episode of Lunch and Learn, Jerrad Gleim shows 5 Tips on using Gmail Labels to...

How to add Google Apps icons to your Apple macOS Dock

This post is a guide on how to create shortcut icons to the Apple macOS dock for some of Google's websites such as Gmail, Google Calendar,...
How to create contact groups in Google Contacts - Featured Imagevideo

How to Create Contact Groups in Google Gmail Contacts

Creating contact groups in Google Contacts is a very easy process.  Now that EVSC contacts have moved from Microsoft Outlook to Google, staff can start creating...
How to make email & calendar links open in Google

How to make email and calendar web links open Gmail and Google Calendar

Since we just migrated from Microsoft Outlook to Google for our email, calendar, and contacts, the default email and calendar program on our computers may still...