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End of School Year Classroom Technology Storage and Use

Episode #6 - End of the School Year Classroom Technology Storage and Use (May 16, 2017) RUNTIME: 11 minutes, 19 seconds It’s time to start packing...

Summer 2017 Professional Development Opportunities

Episode #5 - Summer 2017 Professional Development Opportunities (May 11, 2017) On this episode, Tim Wilhelmus, Jerrad Gleim, and Jeff Thornton discuss the following: 1). SUMMER...
Lunch and Learn Upcoming Show May 2017

Upcoming May 2017 Lunch and Learn Show Schedule

Thank you to all that have watched Lunch and Learn this year.  We're so glad you have enjoyed the content and have found it valuable...

Adobe Spark | FULL SHOW | Lunch and Learn

Episode #2 - Adobe Spark (April 13, 2017) On this episode, Jerrad Gleim, Dee Higgs, and Sarah Stephens discuss the following: 1). Adobe Spark - Learn...

5 Tips for Using Gmail Labels (13 min) – Lunch and Learn

Episode #1 - Gmail Labels (April 4, 2017) On this episode of Lunch and Learn, Jerrad Gleim shows 5 Tips on using Gmail Labels to...
Lunch and Learn Promo - Featured Image

New EVSC “Lunch and Learn” YouTube Show Coming in April

Want to learn about new technology, but just can’t seem to find the time? Fret no more! Beginning April 4, the EVSC ICATS will...