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Martin Luther King Jr. Resources

K-12 Classroom Resources for Martin Luther King Jr. Grades K-2 NEA – Lesson plans, activities, background resources, websites, printables, and videos Scholastic – Lesson plans, articles, multimedia, reproducibles SchoolTube – Martin’s...

Day 17 #30DC13: Watch All About It

We are always looking for ways to capture the attention of our audience. Since most of us grew up around the TV, video tends...

IDOE Partners with NBC to Bring Its NBC Learn K12 Resources to Indiana Classrooms

How EVSC teachers can get started... 1). Navigate to http://indiana.nbclearn.com/ from any computer on the school network and you should see “Indiana Department of Education” in the upper-right hand corner...

How the Resources on NBC Learn has Impacted One US History Classroom

I LOVE the NBC Learn site.  It has an incredible collection of resources that are perfect for US history teachers, as well as many...