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How to add Google Apps icons to your Apple macOS Dock

This post is a guide on how to create shortcut icons to the Apple macOS dock for some of Google's websites such as Gmail, Google Calendar,...
How to make email & calendar links open in Google

How to make email and calendar web links open Gmail and Google Calendar

Since we just migrated from Microsoft Outlook to Google for our email, calendar, and contacts, the default email and calendar program on our computers may still...
G Suite Training - Google Chrome Extension

Add the “G Suite Training” Extension for Interactive Learning of Google Suite Apps

G Suite Training is a Google Chrome extension that offers simple and interactive training lessons to get you up and running fast with G...
Google Calendar Sync Settings

Turn on more Google calendars on your smart phone with Google Calendar Sync

Google has created a website called Google Calendar Sync that users can use to select additional calendars setup in their account they would like...
Introducation to Google Calendarvideo

Introduction to Google Calendar (VIDEO)

“Introduction to Google Calendar” includes videos found on the G Suite Training website and from segments created by the EVSC ICATS. We combined these...