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How to add Google Apps icons to your Apple macOS Dock

This post is a guide on how to create shortcut icons to the Apple macOS dock for some of Google’s websites such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive and more.

How to create Google Apps icons for your Apple macOS Dock

1. Start the Automator application.

Open Apple Automator app

2. Select “New Document.”

Click "New Document" from the options - GApps for Mac Dock

3. Drag Actions to Build Workflow.

  1. Select “Internet” from the Actions Library (see left sidebar).
  2. Drag “Get Specified URLs” action to canvas.
  3. Drag “Display Webpages” action to canvas.
  • Make sure these action panels are in this exact order otherwise the app will not work.

Drag Actions to Workflow -GApps for Mac Dock

4. Change the URL in the “Get Specified URLs” action panel.

  • Double-click the URL to change it.
  • Press Return/Enter when finished.

Change URL -GApps for Mac Dock

5. Save New App.

  • Go to File > Save.
    • Automator may recommend saving the app in your Apple iCloud Drive. For this example, that is where it will be saved.

Save New App -GApps for Mac Dock

6. Change New App Icon Image

By default, Automator gives new apps the Automator icon.

To change the icon to a different image:

  • Right-click your new app file and select “Get Info.”

Change app icon with Get Info -GApps for Mac Dock

  • Drag and drop the image you would like to use for an icon onto the Automator icon presently representing your app in the Info panel.
  • Icon Image Recommendations

    • Resolution: 500px X 500px minimum.  (square shaped works best)
    • File Type: PNG with optional transparency.
      JPG/JPEG does not allow for transparent backgrounds.

drag image to change app icon

7. Add New App to Mac Applications Folder

  • Drag your new app to the Applications folder in the sidebar of the Finder window.
  • Select “Move” if prompted to move the application.
    • If you would like to keep a copy of your app in your iCloud Drive, simply copy the app file and paste it back into your iCloud Drive using Cmd+C (copy) and Cmd+V (paste).

move new app to applications folder - drag and drop google app to dock - GApps for Mac Dock

8. Add New App to the Mac Dock.

Click on Applications in the sidebar.

  • Scroll down to where you can see your new app.
  • Drag the app down to your dock and release it once you have placed it where you want.
  • Repeat for all apps you desire to have on your dock.

drag and drop google app to dock - GApps for Mac Dock

7. Try Out the New Icon!

Clicking each icon will launch your default web browser and open a tab taking you to the website that it is named for.

NOTE: If you’re getting a security notice the first time you click one of these apps, see below on how to enable the apps through the security settings.


1. Remove Apps on Your Dock You Don’t Want.

If you have apps on your dock you no longer want, just click and drag the icon up until the icon fades and you see the Remove bubble.

PLEASE NOTE: This just removes the application from the dock – it does NOT delete it permanently from your computer.

GApps for Mac Dock - Step 5 - Remove any apps you do not want

2. Are you getting a pop-up that says the app can’t be opened?

Follow the directions below to enable the apps in the macOS Security & Privacy settings.

If you get this message, click OK and then go to "System Preferences" which is the gear icon located on your Mac dock.2. Click on "Security & Privacy".3. Click on "Open Anyway" at the bottom.4. Fill in the boxes for your username and password and select "Modify Settings".5. Click "Open" and your default browser should open the website.

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